The Paul Anthony Collective offers quality men's fragrances with luxurious, sophisticated scents that are made to last.
All fragrances are curated using unique and captivating pairings of high-grade and ethically sourced ingredients that capture the spirit of adventure.
With carefully crafted formulas, each fragrance is designed to be one-of-a-kind - perfect for any man looking to express his individuality.
All Paul Anthony fragrances are formulated and made in Australia.

Mr Paul Anthony

Introducing Paul Anthony a man that had a vision to start his clean, modern and masculine fragrance collection during the pandemic.
The renowned barber left behind a 20-year career to create his luxurious fragrance collection. Created in a world where every brand is going genderless Paul has crafted something thats targeted at men with masculinity at its core.
Transforming the fragrance game with a bold, risk-taking attitude and focused on men…this luxurious collection resonates with those who crave adventure and sex appeal.
Success never smelled so good!