The Paul Anthony Collective was born from a passion for niche masculine fragrance made in Australia.

Formulated in Melbourne using only the finest ingredients Paul has created scents that are strong, sophisticated and empowering.

Paul's collection of Eau De Parfum is created to suit every personaility, lifestyle and occasion, making it the perfect essential for the modern man.

"I wanted to create luxury perfume that becames part of your adventures, lifestyles and memories."

Noir Candle Collection

"The Paul Anthony candle is not your average candle."
All our scents boast woody bases with a mixture of luxury notes to create unique masculine aromas to take you to that perfect place. Our candles are handmade and poured in Sydney using the finest soy wax and feature the three wick detail to ensure a perfect burn to the base.

Absolute Oil

A luxe oil fortified with vitamins A, C & E that delivers optimal hydration and a potent vitamin complex to give skin all it need to be at the top of its game.

Use 3 times a week as a skin treatment or add 2-3 drops into daily moisturiser for everyday use.

You’ll thank me later!!!